Family Photography

A family photo-shoot is a great way to capture the family as a whole, most holiday snaps will tend to have one of you missing as they’ll be behind the camera – a family photo-shoot puts everyone in front of the camera! They can be a great present, or just an excuse to capture you all together before anyone goes off travelling, to university or moves away!

No matter what your age range is, we can accommodate. We have experience in photographing babies and young children, and can also assist with photographing older members of the family. We understand that it can be hard to get whole families together and travelling can be tricky, which is why we can come to you. We are based near Purley in South Croydon but can travel around the area to get to you or visit you in your local park.

To us, professional photos are a must for all families. Think about it, how often do you get the whole family together; especially for the purpose of having pictures taken? Family photography can be a great way to connect with each other and helps to capture the bond and love within your family in a beautiful and professional way.

Family photography makes it possible to re-live and celebrate all the special times shared among family members during special occasions. We can capture the most unexpected moments that can make the most priceless photos, so you can relax in the knowledge that the photography is taken care of by professionals and all family members are in front of the lens instead of behind it.

Although digital photography has made it easier and more convenient to take pictures of special occasions, it is always better to hire a professional photographer. A professional can produce high quality and memorable family portraits to enjoy for many years to come.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating the perfect family photographs that involve more than just pointing and shooting. -it requires a good eye for composition and a lot of experience and knowledge on how to achieve the perfect pictures that capture the essence of your family and the occasion. Due to our experience, we possess the unique ability of making everyone look natural in any setting.

We endeavour to make your family photo session relaxed, stress free and fun for all the family. We provide props to keep the young ones entertained, and if you have elderly relative that need to sit down, we can make sure that the seating is included into the scene.

Each session can last between 30 minutes to 2 Hours depending on who is involved in the shoot (i.e. sometimes with younger children it can take longer!) so please bear this in mind when choosing a date, but also don’t worry sessions are not time restricted but a guideline so we can make the most out a session.

We can carry out the photo-shoot in your own home, in a garden or even in a local park, we can also recommend a good location for you depending on what kind of backgrounds or environments you are looking for. We want to capture you and your family in an environment that means something to you!

If you’re planning a family photo-shoot as a present, or for any reason, it is best to get your enquiry in early, as it can sometimes be hard to find a date that you’re all available, so be sure to get your booking in early to avoid disappointment!

There’s very little you need to worry about before the day, just make sure that everyone is still available to attend and that the space you are using is ready to fit everyone! We will bring all required equipment with us so don’t worry about that!

Family sessions are priced at £100 and include the session and online gallery for you to view images and share them online with friends and family. We offer a wide range of products for displaying your images from modern looking frames to the more traditional styles. For more details and product pricing please contact us directly.

If you would like to find out more about our family photo-shoots or interested in booking one  – please get in touch today and we’ll be happy to assist!



• Where do we have the session?

For all of our sessions, we come to you at your chosen location, whether that is at home, at a garden or at a local park. We can also suggest some location settings depending on the background and style you are looking for. Essentially we want to ensure that we capture you and your family in a environment that you feel comfortable in, and has some meaning attached to it. We are based in Purley, south Croydon, but can travel around the area to get to your location.

• When should we book?

If you are planning a family photo shoot as a present, for a special occasion or for when you can get everyone together, it is best to get your enquiry in as soon as possible to ensure we have availability for your preferred dates.

• How long are the sessions?

Our sessions are very relaxed and are not time restricted, but as a guideline, each session can last between 30 mins to 2 hours, dependant on who is involved in the shoot. (Sometimes with younger children it can take longer ), so bear this in mind when booking your session.

• What should we wear?

We suggest that you wear something that you feel smart and comfortable in. Bright colours work for photographs, as well as similar colours and styles. Try to add some contrast with bright and dark colours for family members. We can offer some advice and tips if you are stuck for ideas and would like some advice.

• What if a family member is unwell for the session, can we reschedule?

Yes, of course and sometimes, at no extra charge. Please provide us with enough notice (if possible) and we will do our best to re-schedule for an alternative and convenient date and time for you.

• When will we see our images?

As soon as we start processing them ,we will send you a sneak preview of some of your images. Your online gallery will be available to view two weeks after the family photo session, sometimes sooner.

• What service can I expect?

Each and every shoot is important to us, and we invest our time skill and experience into ensuring we create the best possible images for you. Our commitment extends beyond the photo shoot itself, and we take pride in our high quality printing and framing services.